Saturday, October 25, 2008

All kinds of stuff...

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Finished up the first leg warmer and have the first inch of ribbing done on the second.

Got an e-mail from DIL yesterday and she said GS#4 needs more socks! :) So after I finish up the other legwarmer, it's little socks! And maybe learning a new technique!
These are Kate's socks and here is the pattern!

Here's a simple contest at Nautical Knitting! Help her choose which project to start next!

Cheryl talks of the sock knitting obsession, while the American Philosophical Association has devoted much of their Fall 2008 newsletter to knitting. First, and most attractively: a knitter bears the characteristic mark of the divine, because at every moment a knitter is bringing forth something out of nothing. -The Wit of Knitting: A Philosophical Reflection on Knitting Things Aright, by Mariam Thalos.

Are you looking at some good ideas for making holiday gifts? If I were creative, I'd make blocking pins (not that I've every made nor probably ever will make something that requires blocking pins) with sheeps and yarns and stuff like that there. But, as I can't sculpt worth diddly, I may have to settle for sweets! Yes, those are sewing pins! Hmmm and she can do any shape....

Isn't this extortion?

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  1. They are gorgeous socks. :-) I wish I *had* designed them, but I just knitted the sample. They were designed by Erssie Major:


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