Friday, August 1, 2008

Yesterday's Post

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I got some work done on my Éire go Brách socks. The heel flap is done and I'm ready to start turning it. I decided to do the heel in white...why I have no idea. Except to have more yarn for another pair of socks. Ray's skeins are so generous I can get to pair of shorter socks from each skein.

It was a long hot day yesterday. We've been having temps in the 90s for quite awhile now. Yesterday, being the day I helped my BFF, F, move, it was over 100!

Did you know if you rent a truck from U-Haul, they can determine how long you can have it, regardless? F rented a truck and they decided we could only use it for 7 hours. Without telling us till we picked it up.
I said, "So you are telling us how long it's going to take us to move?"
"But we rented it for 24 hours."
"No, you rented it for as long as I say you can have it. Do you want the truck or not?"
Fortunately, we were able to return it 12 minutes before the late charges would have started. We did get everything moved we wanted to. Sort of. I was so mad! Oh, and they have the trucks parked on a slant so it looks like there is more gas in them than there is. When you return them, the slant goes the other way, so there it looks like there is less gas than there is. They screwed us out of a quarter tank of gas. And at today's prices.....

Now we have a new-to-us refrigerator and stove. The fridge is huge. Bigger than our family of five needs. And it came from a family of two. Our old fridge would have been big enough for them! The stove is a nice glass top one and the burners aren't tilted! Foods will cook evenly now and not burn on one side and refuse to cook on the other side of the pan.
BTW, lest you think I'm not pissed at Blogger, think again. There is no human being to talk to about this stupid mess. If my blog gets deleted because they don't have enough staff to check all the blogs that have been flagged in the last couple weeks (and apparently there are a LOT of them, I'm really going to be upset. And it's not like there is a damn thing I can do about it.

Like Purling Dervish, I'm safe from Alzheimer's Disease!


  1. Lizzie, is this blog working again? I swear I read this blog yesterday and left a comment but I don't see it now. So what is up?

  2. I'm getting your blog just fine, but IE is not letting me open some blogger blogs this morning. I don't know why.
    Congratulations on your new stove.

  3. Who knew about U-haul. Thanks for the warning. Glad you got the move done in the time you had!


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