Thursday, July 31, 2008

Éire go Brách

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I decided to CO some adult socks, probably for Youngest Daughter. These are from "Go Ireland" from Knitivity. I got it last spring, of course, and just never got round to working with it. The pattern is the Waterloose Socks which I made for myself and my DIL in the spring.I also CO another pair of Dobby Socks for one of the grands. Haven't decided which one, yet as two of them are the same size, born only eight months apart. Then ones for the littlest one I think as the other one refuses to wear socks (and shoes, and clothes most of the time).

Today I'm helping my BFF, F move. Not everything, but we're renting a truck and moving his old stove and fridge into my place to become my new-to-us stove and fridge. Plus a few other things, too. It'll be a long hot day, I'm sure!

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  1. Testing to see if I can still post a comment now that they have locked your blog.


I really am glad you're commenting. Please make sure I can find you by insuring you leave an e-mail address. It's so frustrating to have someone ask a question and no way to answer them! Thanks!