Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Pair Finished

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The second pair of Dobby Socks are done!
Pattern: Basic Child's Pattern
Needles: US2 Addis
Yarn: This n' that sock yarn
Modifications: Increase CO to 60 sts
Size: to fit my GS who wears a 4.5 size shoe (crossing fingers)

Went out to see if I could find some of the New Red Heart, Heart & Sole sock yarn. I did. It's around $5 a skein, two skeins needed for adult sized sock. Feels like most sock yarn, am hoping it will soften up after washing. Also picked up two more US2 circular needles for socks. Susan Bates and Prym. The Susan Bates have a softer cord, so will probably be easier to use. Heated and straightened the cords.


  1. Doby's socks look great! You'll have to give us an update on how you like the sock yarn. I've been curious, but not buying yarn at the moment!

  2. The socks look great. Anxious to see how the Red Heart sock yarn turns out for you. I just purchased Red Heart for another project and I always swear I'll never buy it again...but I do for some things.

  3. GS is so fortunate to have a g'ma who knits him dobby socks--one of my favorite characters in the HP series. And the socks are darling!


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