Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tide's goin' out....

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I got a lot of sock work done yesterday. I'm doing the toe decreases and will be finished today. I'm really happy with many things I discovered making these socks. Afterthought heels are much easier and look much better using ML. And why I never thought of this before....putting in the afterthought heel half way through the foot allows trying on the sock for better fitting in the foot length, than trying to guess it and putting the heel in after the toes are finished.
And looking at it from the bottom makes the Houdini Socks look a whole lot easier as far as measurements and such go. However, I still need to learn to make a toe up sock.... Although I wouldn't do this (I don't think) I like Cat's idea of, "the pleasure of peacefully knitting footprints, letting them pile up in your knitting basket until you are in the mood to get fancy with legs."

School starts for Oldest Granddaughter on Monday. Although the days will be quieter, I do hate the thought of giving up my relaxed mornings to waking, feeding and transporting her. Oh well, can't have least not all at once!

Only Beaker....

I miss the Muppet Show!


  1. Oh my goodness, I was only telling my eldest last week how much I missed the muppet show myself! Such cute videos to watch thanks Lizzie :o)

    Socks are coming on a treat. I must give that afterthought heel a go at long last.

  2. I miss the Muppets myself. My boyfriend and I are both big fans!

  3. I love the title of your blog. It's my favorite time of the day when I am by the ocean...low tide in the evening!!! Sock is looking great.

  4. I put in my heel after I kniot around 2 inches of leg. ThenI can try it one amke sure it futs OK -- Blue is my fav color and I love your socks!


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