Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dobby's Houdini Socks

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This is a closed piece of knitting. Soon it will be the foot of a sock. I have to admit, this is an interesting way to make a sock. I'm making these to fit one of the grands... just to try out the concept. This is the Houdini Sock by Cat Bordhi.

The Ocean Waves are finished! Didn't take long to finish off the toe decreases while listening to my book du jour, Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reichs.
Kathleen's finished her "Dobby Socks"! Aren't they gorgeous?
Bones to Ashes: A Novel Bones to Ashes: A Novel by Kathy Reichs

rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another good Tempe Brennan book. Tempe helps Ryan and another detective, Hippo, solve cold cases concerning young girls who have disappeared and bodies of young girls who have no names.

Tempe remembers a childhood friend who disappeared when she was about the same age as these girls. Harry, Tempe's kid sister flies in from Texas to help--and even is a bit of a help this time

The book follows the familiar Kathy Reich's formula. Even though Tempe has been hit on the head in every story because she's wandering off alone where she shouldn't be, she still keeps doing it and still keeps getting bonked on the head. Book smart, but common sense, not so much.

She's still a good, likeable character.

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  1. I notice that Reichs is the producer of the "Bones" tv series based on the Brennan character. I hope she doesn't get so wrapped up in that that she quits writing novels.

  2. Really nice! Which Cat Bordhi book is that in?


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