Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Socks are Dobby's favorite clothes, Sir! "

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Aren't they cute? They are really easy to make.
Pattern: Houdini Socks by Cat Bordhi
Yarn: Left over sock yarns
Needles: US2, 32 inch circular
Size: Child's Medium
CO: Aug 16 BO: Aug 18
And I immediately CO another pair. These will refrain from having any pink in them so I can send them on to my 2nd GS in Hawaii whose father has very conservative taste. I'm hoping because they'll be Dobby Socks he'll let him wear them, even though 95% of the weird colors will be in the shoe! This is left over Heart & Sole, Tequila Sunrise.

Oldest Granddaughter's first day of 2nd grade went very well. She likes her teacher, has only one new friend in her classroom, and lost only one from last year. So she knows everyone and can slide comfortably into the academics. She has early dismissal today and tomorrow and then starts full days on Thursday.

Youngest Granddaughter and I had a nice morning, making Oatmeal Raisin cookies. After we picked up her sister, we went to Mickey D's to celebrate the first day of school, and then to the library to stock up on at home reading material.

Two more weeks till we leave for Disneyland. "Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?" I found three CDs on line last night, purchasing two of them, that the grands used to listen to when they were younger and riding in the car with me. Mickey's Silly Songs and Mickey's Children's Favorites. Hope they get here before we leave so we can thoroughly saturate ourselves with them on our 7-8 hour drive! We also have a portable DVD player for the kidlings to occupy some of the time, will have stacks of books and coloring materials, too. I'm scouting for an audio book appropriate for the entire family. We've all listened to HP books many times, so I'd like to find something new....

If you'd like to knit a scarf and need someone to give it to that will really appreciate it....


  1. You inspire me to try some new constructions!

  2. Pretty cool!!! You are such a good grandma!

  3. Colorful cute socks! Have you listened to "The Golden Compass" on CD? I haven't, but having just seen the movie, I put the book-on-CD on hold at the library. It strikes me as something that would probably appeal to the whole family.

  4. Great Dobby socks, Lizzie. I didn't know they had a name!


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