Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Now You See It....

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The first sock is done! Second one cast on and about half way up the foot. I'm using up the Heart & Sole leftover from my socks. So this sock is Tequila Sunrise and the other one will be Razzle Dazzle. This pair will go to one of my grandsons in Hawaii. His brother's birthday is September 1st, but I wanted to send something to both of them. Pattern: Houdini Socks by Cat Bordhi.

So look what I discoverd: Dharma Trading Company sells yarn for dyeing. The most generous place I've purchased dyed yarns at is Knitivity. His sock yarn skeins are 460 yards. Dharma is selling 860 yards of Brown Sheep Wildefoot sock yarn for less than $20. Shipping is based on weight. Such a deal for the home dyer. And they have tons of other types of yarn for dyeing.

For those of you that have color like this close by, those of us that don't have it miss it terribly. I can smell the water and the leaves that are decaying, the bit of coolness that you know isn't going away and will get even cooler soon. I miss the promise of snow and ice skating past these soon to be bare trees. I miss autumn.

Beachcomber Beachcomber by Karen Robards

Another good mystery. Definitely not something you want to read if you're vacationing at the beach.

Christy's been involved with the mob all her life. Her father was a mobster as were all of her mother's subsequent boy friends. She's just broken off her engagement with her boss because she discovered he was laundering money for the mob.

Someone out of her past forces her to be a currier and that's when the trouble begins. She's sent to wait on a wonderful beach where a serial killer has decided she's his next victim.

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  1. Nice, the socks were made with love and will be worn with love!


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