Thursday, August 14, 2008

By the sea....

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The waves are rolling! I got quite a bit done yesterday. The foot is done and the afterthought heel is in place. This is probably one of the most nicely shaped heels of this sort I've done and I think it's due to Magic Loop.

Hmmm, as I was watching this video, it occurred to me the ML method would be good for those circular patterns that start with five sts on three DPNs, like this spiral blanket. Maybe I'll play with that. I've gotten so used to using ML that I tried to CO something (4 times) using DPNs yesterday and couldn't get a nice even start..... It'll really upset me if I have to buy several sizes of 32 inch circulars now..... Hmmmm, would two circs instead of DPNs work just as well...must experiment.

The Red Scarf project is alive and well again this year.

Isn't this a cool knitting bag?


  1. Love the socks. Someone I know uses Magic Loop with two circulars, one sock at a time.

    As for the bag, I started it and frogged it back because I had a glaring error in the pattern. I never got back to it..sigh.


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