Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Autumn Glory

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The Neapolitan sock yarn is still in a skein. I decided I wanted to try the Red Heart Heart & Sole. I have two skeins, enough for one pair, each of a different colorway, Razzle Dazzle andTequila Sunrise.I decided to stripe them with five rows of st st each. I'm really liking how they blend together. They have many colors in common, so it'd be hard to tell the socks are made from two different colorways. The yarn is good to work with. Although it doesn't claim to be merino, I don't think it feels much different than many sock yarns I've worked with. I'm hoping it will bloom nicely when washed.

Pattern: Plain vanilla socks, 64 st cast on
Needles: US2 Addi

There isn't too much exciting going on in my world. Locked the keys in the car at the grocery store and didn't discover it till we were done and ready to go home. "We" being Youngest Son (16), Oldest Granddaughter (7) and Youngest Granddaughter (2). So we got them to store our groceries, walked to the bus stop, took the first bus, got off three blocks away and walked a mile home. We could have waited for the next bus, but we got home before the bus caught up to us. Got home, woke Youngest Daughter up, got her keys. YS and I caught the bus back to the store, got our groceries and then decided we deserved a pizza. So on to Little Ceaser's for a $5 special and home. It was in the 90s yesterday with a nice breeze, so it wasn't too bad. It still was a long afternoon.


  1. Nice! By blending both colorways...noone else will have an pair like yours. Good idea!

  2. I couldn't even tell you had blended the two yarns! They really work well together!


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