Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Autumn in all it's Glory

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I got quite a bit done on my sock yesterday. About two more inches until the toe decreases. I'm glad I chose the simple vanilla sock to do as any stitch pattern would be lost in the stripes. ETA: I just found this new knitting magazine, knotions, and the Sampler Socks are really a good idea for self striping yarns.) I really like how the two skeins of yarn compliment each other. Although this sock doesn't look much different than any of the other commercial self-striping yarns, I like that no one will every have a pair "just like" mine. So far, all votes are Yea! for Red Heart Heart & Sole sock yarn. It's about the same price (minus the shipping) of KnitPicks Felici Self-Striping, which would be comparable. It's not merino which Felici is, but if your local chain store carries it, it's instant gratification.
Although Minnesota (where I grew up) doesn't always have the lush autumnal colors that, say, Maine or Vermont does, there were days that were almost like a carefully planned fireworks display. I miss those markers of seasonal change. Here in the desert we don't have the same brash statements from Mother Nature. Everything is gradual and slips in without notice. These socks are my tribute to the autumns I miss.

From Accepting Asperger's Syndrome: Thinking back over my life up until now, I am amazed by the sheer amount of effort those with AS must make just to get through each day, by the amount of coping techniques we must intuitively come up with and practice. We are bombarded every day with so much overwhelming sensory information. Our clothes are too tight, making eye contact can literally hurt, the sounds of everyday conversation, of a clock ticking or someone tapping a pencil against the desk can drive us out of our minds. Certain smells can overwhelm us, the lights are too dim or too bright, we just don’t feel comfortable in our bodies. It’s very hard for us to actually relax, because there always seems to be a threat lurking somewhere.-Kate Goldfield

The Book of Lost Things The Book of Lost Things John Connolly

rating: 3 of 5 stars
Kinda of a scary book. Connolly has rewritten some of the well known fairytales to create another new story from them.

It was good. It kept my interest and there were several times I put my knitting aside and just read. It causes one to look inside to see what it is that makes oneself.

Not something I'd give to young children, but a tween or teen might find it interesting.

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  1. Actually, Lizzie, I like the colorway better on the Red Heart than the Knitpicks. Socks look really great.

    Love the autumn picture also. It's almost upon us here in vermont...maybe another five weeks.

  2. there is something nice about being able to go to a local shipping or placing a bigger order to get free shipping!

  3. Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year. I sure would miss it if I lived elsewhere. Nothing beats a New England fall though!! It just seems wrong to watch football when it is 95 degrees outside!


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