Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Midnight in the Orchid Garden

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Sock #1 is finished, and Sock #2 has been CO with about a half inch of ribbing done.

And here's progress on my NAS Mitten KAL.

This sparked quite an active discussion on one of the Yahoo groups I belong to:
DEAR ABBY: Is it rude or inconsiderate for a person to knit, crochet or piece a quilt while attending a meeting or other gathering? -- CURIOUS IN THE SUNBELT

DEAR CURIOUS: Although I may get some argument about this, I do think it's rude. When someone is attending a meeting or a social gathering, it is considered good manners to give the speaker or other attendees your full attention. And while I expect to hear from readers who say they can "multi-task," to do so sends the wrong message.

What do you think? There's a poll up on the right...please participate and feel free to post comments about your answer.


  1. Kizzie, Lizzie - how can I vote when you didn't include my preferred response! I would chose It Depends on the Situation. Because some people would feel offended, and others wouldn't. I'd rather skip my knitting than offend someone I care about. If I don't care about them, I won't ask them to begin with!

  2. Right on, Amy!!! If I'm at a professional meeting I won't knit unless I'm there 5 minutes early and the meeting/speaker has started. At dinner with a friend, I won't knit either but if it's a large social thing, i.e. informal..I will knit. There are times I don't bring my knitting and folks want to know where it is. So..knitters unite and say it is ok to knit wherevery you feel like it.

  3. I agree that it all depends on the situation. I will knit in the car, (as passenger)on the way to church, but I will not knit during the service. After church, we have coffee & tea & refreshments, so I will knit while I'm socializing. Only 1 person has remarked that I should leave my knitting at home. One of my cousins knitted while at a funeral home for our uncle. Made wish that I had thought to bring mine.

    Your new socks are great by the way. Are you knitting socks faster, because your using the Magic Loop? LOL! I wish I could socks like that.

  4. I do not knit at church and I do not knit at school. I would knit during a meeting if I were not expected to be an active participant. I did knit at a workshop last year, but only because I'm a secondary teacher and the consultant quite clearly stated that she was going to spend the remainder of the afternoon speaking to the elementary teachers in the group.


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