Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MIdnight in the Orchid Garden

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I am past the gusset decreases and into the foot. I'm carrying the stitch pattern onto the instep. I'm really pleased with this sock. As always, Knitivity yarn is so very nice to work with.

I got the first step done on the NAS Mitten KAL. I'm not rushing through these and trying to get everything done all at once. I work on them a bit each day and then work on my socks.

Jean announced the prizes for the Mystery Mitten KAL and I chose the PolyGala (purple) Malabrigo. I've never even touched Malabrigo, so this will be an adventure!

And look what arrived in the mail yesterday! A knitter named Chrissy said she had some of this and that to get rid of. I said I'd be happy to take it as small amounts are good for color changes in mittens and little socks. This is what arrived yesterday! Ten skeins of some Debbie Bliss, plus many full or almost full skeins of wools and cottons. And a variety of "this 'n' that" (including silk and alpaca). It was fun to pull it all out and pet it! There is almost a full skein of either Manos or Noro. Fun, fun, fun!

I'm in big trouble. See the pic over on the sidebar for the 100+ Book Challenge? I found out they have a Yahoo group. I joined. They talk about books, books I haven't read yet that sound so good.... I'm in big trouble.

My feet hurt just looking at the new shoes Robin bought.

Gorgeous socks, but I don't have the attention span to do them!

Don't throw those Tshirts away! Make a rug! Don't be thrown by the fact it's crocheted. The same "yarn" technique could be adapted to knitting. I'll be those rugs would last forever. And could easily be dyed....

Wanna blow your mind?


  1. Nice sock! What's in the background? I just noticed your "Knitters For Obama" button...but clicking on it didn't give me any info. I'm waiting to see who he picks for a VP before deciding whether or not to vote for him...and I'm certainly not voting for McCain...for sure!

  2. I really like these colours, Lizzie.


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