Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's a tropical heat wave.....

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I got quite a bit of progress done on my Tropical Socks. I'm making them for Youngest Daughter and as a general rule, she only wears shorty socks. I remember why now, I never made any socks with this yarn. It's pretty, but it's not fun to work with. I did manage to CO with the circular needle and was proud of yet another new skill accomplished. One of the biggest benefits of using the circ for these is the ability to try them on without worrying about the sts slipping off the needles.

Today is Clue #2 of Mystery Mitten KAL. It includes cables and reading from a chart. We'll see... In theory I know how to do it, but we'll see...

My local library has a Summer Reading Program for adults as well as children and teens. I decided this summer to try it out. I agreed to read ten books by July 19th. I finished up my tenth book yesterday! I need to go to the library to pick up my prize of a $5 gift certificate to the local used bookstore. Here's my list:

1. Dragonfly in Amber
2. Ironside
3. A Killer Stitch
4. Bubbles Unbound
5. No Time to Hide
6. The Killing Floor
7. Eight of Swords
8. 18 Seconds
9. Darkfever
10. The Tale of Holly How

Do you like buttons? Jesse's got some neat ones in her etsy store! Along with other wonderful fibery things!


  1. Great colors! My youngest DD wears short socks too. I'm starting to get a collection of sock yarn. I wonder if I have enough to make her some short socks?

    Congrats on reading all those books! Were they print books? I know that you enjoy audio books, too.

  2. Socks sure are pretty. Why don't you like working with that yarn and what kind is it? Congrats on all that reading! I'm currently reading "Eat, Love and Pray".


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