Saturday, July 5, 2008

HF Socks

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I made quite a bit of progress on my HF socks, even more than these pics show...I'm ready to start the toe decreases. And you'll notice there are no DPNs in this picture! I have one l-o-n-g Addi US 2 needle I bought awhile ago to use on socks. Figured I should learn the magic loop method. I put the sock on it just to try it on and though though, why not finish the sock with it?

I did have to use DPNs to get the heel situated (then I switched back to the circular and finished the heel decreases and the foot) and am having to use them again to do the toe decreases. Anyone know of a tutorial that explains how to put the sts so I don't have to switch back and forth? Or do most people switch back and forth?

Have had a bit of a ladder problem with using the circular, but they are small ladders and will probably even out in the wash. I think it's much faster using the circular needle rather than four DPNs, one has to switch needles and adjust sts less often which has to speed things up. All in all it was far more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I may have changed my sock knitting method, in theory. Practically it will take awhile before I can buy enough needles in various sizes to make it a permanent change. Plus, I do like using DPNs. I feel more connected to past generations of knitters.

I also discovered more on customizing socks for my foot, rather than the one-size-fits-most idea. I did find that if I wish my socks to go higher up my leg, I need to start out with at least 72 sts (on size us2 needles) and then reduce down to 64 three and a half inches before starting the heel flap. then stay at 64 sts throughout.

We did nothing for the Fourth. Everyone else went to a cook out and I stayed home with my noise affected dog. I would never feel comfortable leaving her alone on such a noisy night. And we had some thunder, to boot. It's the only time she gets overly affectionate and tries to climb in my lap.


  1. Try this one.
    I don't use dpns, but I have to remember to push the stitches back on the cable when I'm picking up stitches. That is on the needle I'm using., not just the one that is resting. I hope this helps. It just takes a couple of times and it's a bit clearer.


  2. My dog hates thunder and fireworks too, but she is doing better with the latter. The requisite investment in circs are what keep me from doing socks with them. I wondered about the potential laddering as well, since that is one of my perenniel problems. Love the socks, BTW!

  3. Magic loop is definitely faster. I had the opposite happen with ladders with magic loop, occasional ladders with dp's. Cat Bordhi says to tug on the 2ns stitch to avoid ladders as most people tug on the first one. I do revert to dp's occasionally as I still like my bamboos. Also, I find with magic loop, I knit tighter.

    Socks look great!

  4. maybe this?


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