Friday, July 4, 2008

Dexter and such

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Y'all know I like Dexter on Showtime and CBS.He's America's favorite Serial Killer. One of the storylines deals with another serial killer, The Ice Truck Killer, who leaves, as a clue, ten fingertips from prostitutes he's killed, each with a different color of nail polish on them.
This yarn is dyed from the same colors used by the above mentioned Ice Truck Killer.And here is the start of my H(ooker's) F(ingernails) Socks. They are artfully posed on one of my furbies, Diosa. He's not thrilled, but was tired enough to be compliant. There are several things going on with these socks. First and really foremost, I'm using size 2 needles. I never knit socks with anything smaller than a three. Secondly, I enjoying using them, which has never happened before, either. Go figure. Maybe I'm more tired of using 6, 7, and 8s than I thought!

I'm also over riding my panic button and CO only 64 sts. (Sixty four sts always looks so small on the needles, so I wimp out, frog and CO 72..which is really too loose, but okay.) Didn't do a ribbed cuff, but thought I'd do a rolled edge as they are going to be "play around with it and try something new" socks...after all they are named after hookers.... So I added a band of slip stitch pattern from Crusoe and a round of purls shortly after that. I doubt seriously the socks will match in any way except the same yarn. If by any chance you are interested in obtaining your own Dexter yarns, (and there are numerous colorways) visit Dharmafey's Cosmic Fibers or visit the Dexter forum on Ravelry.

And less you think I'm the only weirdo in the world making socks out of this colorway, here is Lisa, (dixiehellcat on Ravlery) with a very famous knitting person:These are all the different Dexter Colorways.

This is my newest toy. I'm a gadget freak but don't usually give into my obsession. My youngest found this while we were grocery shopping. It's a cute little thingie to brew one cup of coffee at a time. Yes, I know you can buy coffee makers that do the same thing, but this one was only $6. After a bit of experimenting, I found I like two tablespoons of coffee to a cup. It comes with several little filters, but I found the mass produced less expensive ones for regular coffee makers work, too. Just put in your coffee, pour boiling water over it, and voila! a good cup of coffee. Now I just need to get a teapot to heat water on the stove! The microzapper does it well enough, but a teapot would keep several cups of water hot, rather than doing one at a time. But then, I've wanted a teapot for 20 years and haven't gotten one yet, so I'm guessing the microzapper will suffice for a while longer.
If you like to keep a Pen and Paper Knitting or Crochet Journal, Kathryn Ivy's got it all together for you....for FREE!

Would you like a calendar for your desktop? Dave at Cabin Cove has them!

Merit Badges? I dunno....what do you think?

Strange Weather again, this time in South Dakota.


  1. Give those serial killer socks to one of those evil people we've

    As a child, there was always a teapot on the stove. It served a dual purpose, hot tea whenever and moisture in the dry winter air. I think you should get yourself one.

  2. I'm down to US1 for socks, although the pattern for the pair I am currently working on called for US2 and I'm thinking I should have listened - they seem small. But if they don't fit me, they will fit my daughter. You should see how many pairs of "my" socks she has now!


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