Monday, July 7, 2008

HF Socks, Yards, and Yarns

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I made some progress on my HF Sock #2. The gusset decreases are all finished and I've just started the foot. I had some help from Deb on how to keep the sock all on the circular and not have to take it off for heel and toe. Although I can do the heel flap on the circular, I liked it better when using two DPNs. So if I'm traveling I can do it with just the circ. Once I finished the heel flap and turned the heel, everything else, picking up the sts, etc., was done on the circ. Old dog here learning new tricks.
I have a skein of each of these and can't decide which ones to make next. The orange and green would be for Youngest Daughter and the Neapolitan would be for me.... These, btw, should you be interested are available at Knitivity. Today is the beginning of the Mystery Mitten KAL. So, that will be my primary project for today with leftover knitting time devoted to the socks.

Here are some of the pics of the yard my BFF, F, built for his friend, N. The bridge goes over the lily pond to the wading pond. N can lay down in the pond for a cooling off!
This is a sitting bench on the opposite side of the yard.
And this is her Yoga Bench.

Resist Felting. No, I don't mean you should resist doing some felting (actually it's fulling). It's a technique so that only some of the knitted fabric will full and other areas won't. Check it out!
This is way too much fun! Click on it and try it! I think you can see a bigger one here.

Middle age, hell, that's my whole life. Asperger's Syndrome, it's not just for midlife!Lest you think this is a sad way for someone to live their life, remember, "Different strokes for different folks." I look at the life of a social butterfly with lots of friends calling, e-mailing and texting and think how wretched that would be. Comfort zones differ for each of us. Although I do like people as a concept, I just find they don't end up liking me and that leads to some very painful "good-bye" scenarios. Far too painful for me to lightly take the plunge of having people around. Enough of that.

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  1. Love the yoga bench. I am doing some remodeling here that will affect my backyard. I will have to try to incorporate an outdoor yoga/meditation area. Thanks for the idea!


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