Sunday, July 20, 2008


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I finished up my socks yesterday. There was only about two hours work left on them. I'm really happy with how they turned out! I managed to have a stitch pattern to them and had only one round that had to be tinked because I mangled the pattern! Generally I have to tink each sock several times. There is hope!

Pattern - Mine*
Yarn: Dye Mistake, Down Home Sock Yarn from Knitivity.
Needles: US2, 36 inch Addi
Started July 12 - Finished July 19

* CO 72
K3 P1 for 1.5 inches

R1: K2, YO, K2tog around
R2-4 K even; Repeat until sock measures 2.5 in from beginning

R5: K2, YO, K2tog around
R6: K even
R7: K7 K2tog around (64 sts)
R8: K even

Repeat rows 1-4 until sock measures 6 in from beginning

Begin heel flap:
P across half the sts
Sl1, K1 across purled sts
Repeat two rows for 32 rows

Shape heel, pick up sts along sides, begin gusset decreases down to 64 sts.

Knit foot extending the pattern down the instep. Standard toe.

And I finished up my first pair of mittens for the NAS Knit-a-Long. Bulky weight acrylic I recycled from a Goodwill sweater. Should be plenty warm!

Tripwire by Lee Child
rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is the third in the Jack Reacher series. Another good story.

Jack meets up with his old CO's daughter, now grown to a beautiful woman, who has held him in her heart since she was very young.

The two of them solve the mystery of a Vietnam War MIA and end the reign of terror created by the mysterious scarred one armed man (have we heard this before?).

If you like murder mysteries that aren't extremely graphic, you'd like this one.

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  1. Wheee! Congrats! They're beautiful. :-)

  2. Such beautiful socks Lizzie :o)

  3. Beautiful socks! I notice that jewel tones seem to be in this year, so they will be very stylish. I still have not knitted a single mitten, alas.


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