Friday, June 13, 2008


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World Wide Knit In Public Day is tomorrow. Here's where you can find the group meeting closest to you. If you don't have an event near you, join the virtual group.

Mittnz update: As a group we've made or purchased almost 34% of our goal of 1000 mittenz in the mail by October 1. BTW, our definition of Mittnz is not just handmade ones. Purchased handwarmers of any size are welcome, too. So if you're out yardsaling, perusing second hand stores or dollar stores, keep the cold hands out on the South Dakota prairie in mind. I know you're hot and sticky now, but....
After looking at all the Garter Stitch Blanket pictures, and reading the pattern in Knitter's Almanac, I couldn't help but cast one on yesterday! This is not going to be a huge queen size one like Jared's, just a smaller baby size one. Like a lot of EZ's patterns, it's fun to watch it turn corners. Such a creative person, that Elizabeth Zimmermann! This is really a fun project and Jared's right. Knowing there are 24 sts or less in each row knitted makes it feel like it's a much smaller project than it is.

I did some work on the February Sweater, too. I also remembered why I don't knit lace very often. I loose my place in the pattern so easily. No the rows, but all the steps in the pattern. I can memorize it, but if I'm knitting with family, TV or book around, I can easily slip into either random variations of the sts in the pattern, or just st st. Creates frogging issues. And the yarn is brushed so it tends to stick to itself. But it's growing!

I wanna buy it!For any Diana Gabaldon fans, this property is about 60-70 miles as the crow flies from Ft. William which is where Jamie was imprisoned and abused by Jack Randall.


  1. So glad you are into EZ knitting. I love her patterns and wish I had more time to knit them.

    As for the knit in, I think mine is going to be rained out tomorrow (sigh).

    Have fun at yours!

  2. Darn! Now I want to start a garter stitch blanket :)
    But you know me, never satisfied to do things the simple way.... I will be knitting mine at 4st/1" gauge but I want mine a little bigger, so I have to mess with the stitch count.
    Give me another cup of coffee!


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