Saturday, June 14, 2008

This n' That

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I spent most of yesterday working on a surprise present. More info when it's no longer a surprise!

Worked on my Garter Stitch Blanket last night and have completed the first corner. It looks so cool! It tickles me almost as much as the gusset of a sock.See how the knitting just sudden changes direction? All those nice heel rows going back and forth and then all those neat perpendicular rows of knitting just seem to magically appear. Of course, like all magic tricks, when you know how it's done, it looses a bit of it's awe, but still, isn't it neat? The corners of the blanket do that same kind of thing. Just follow the directions and the knitting is now perpendicular.

I have a slipper to finish and I want to work on the February Sweater today. Time to dig out the timer and devote an hour to each so I get the slipper finished. And then maybe I'll discipline myself to finish the second mittnz in pair 50.

Isn't this just too cute!

Mariella has been makin' Hatz! I love the pattern she used and will have to explore it!

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  1. The garter stitch blanket sounds like so much fun. It amazes me that with just the knit stitch so much can be created.

    The hats (with the neck warmer)..well, I hate to say how many of those I've made. It's great for kids.

    Have a great weekend!


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