Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hatz, Hatz, and More Hatz

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I finished up two Hatz yesterday and then went searching through my drawer of FOs and found a few more!Here's my Garter Stitch Blanket Corner. Just so cool!

I'm really having ADD right now about knitting. I want to start so many things I see and am having difficulty following up and working on them!

At NAS there was a discussion about the Pocket Book Slippers. Several patterns were tossed about. I like Miss Twiss'. There is Jennifer's cute fake isle tam. Cosetta's Old Shale Smoke Ring. I keep thinking Heidi's Neckwarmer would be a good gift for my son. I love Saartje's Noro Hat. I should work on either the February Sweater, Garter Stitch Blanket, Log Cabin Blanket, my shawl or my grandson's October birthday present.... I probably won't do what I should do and I'll do something else.... Oh well, life's short and should be enjoyed!


  1. Great hats! Knit on whatever your heart feels like knitting, even if it means a new project!

  2. I agree with Joansie. You've been knitting and crocheting like crazy for NAS, and now I think you should knit whatever you feel like knitting!


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