Monday, June 16, 2008

Mittnz Mission Accomplished...again

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I finished up my 50th pair of Mittnz. Before you ask, "Why point out the thumb hole?" let me explain. The last pic of eight I published I was asked if I remembered to put thumb holes in them! It was a serious question asked by one of the coordinators. I mean really, that was my sixth set of eight Mittnz and she wanted to know if I was smart enough to put thumb holes in the muffatees?? So now I want to make sure she knows I am not suffering from that kind of dementia.

Both Amy and Joansie said I should feel free to CO whatever I wanted to. So what do I do? CO another Hatz and another pair of Mittnz. I'm making the Noro Hat. I've got the first ten rounds done. Instead of purling the four rounds, I just turned my knitting inside out and continued knitting. IOW, I turned and knitted back rather than purling. Just requires a few tight sts at the turning point.

The Mittnz are muffatees again. Using double strand of Cascade 220 SuperWash. Amazingly I remembered to put the thumb holes in this one, too. I think I'll dip dye these as the grey is pretty ho-hum.
Life is pretty much back to normal again. Youngest Daughter is only working one job as the other won't let her come back to work until she has a doctor's note with no restrictions. The job she's missing is only ten hours a week and is our fun money. Which means we're having less fun, but, hey....

The forecast is over 100 degrees for the entire week. Our evaporative cooler broke last Thursday night, and although it was fixed it on Friday, he either put in a smaller motor or turned it to low. It's not moving enough air at all. Will have to call and have it fixed again and the cooler pads changed to see if that helps cool things down. Evaporative cooling should work very well as long as the humidity stays down. Our humidity is 24% and I figure it should be around 75°F in the house at the hottest part of the day. It's that now and it's only 87°F 8:00 AM.

Local Harvest, a compilation of farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, has locations for produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies, and has yarn. I found some farms and Farmer's Markets in my area that I was unaware of. May have to check them out early in the day.

SockPixie has such beautiful yarn colors! This is the Van Gogh collection.


  1. Oh my gosh! Did you remember the thumb holes made me laugh. I'd say if you are intelligent enough to read a pattern, duh, you know about the thumbholes.

    Hope you have good luck with the yarn at the market.

  2. Congrats on reaching your mittnz goal!

  3. Now, why would you WANT to put thumb holes in your Geez, does she know you can read a pattern?? I am speechless


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