Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pullovers, Skies and More Hatz

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The Simple Baby Cardigan has become the Simple Baby Pullover. Dunno exactly why that happened... Perhaps I grew weary of purling. I'm continuing the garter stitch from the edge of the hood down into the body of the sweater. After the increases for the yoke were finished, I started up my slip stitch pattern again. Plans are to do the same on the sleeves when I begin knitting them in the round. I seamed up the top of the hood, too, so it looks a bit more like it's "supposed" to. There will be a button and loop at the neck and one half way between that and where it is joined and another one for show at the point of joining. I'm happy with how the colors are working out. There is a bit more pooling on the back, kinda like this but a bit more stripey. IOW, the pools are stationery and not wandering all around the back, like this.
There is rain in the forecast for the next few days. Not much of chance, 30% or so, but a chance. It's overcast this morning which is a treat. You know how Seattle has, like 360 days of cloudy skies? We we have 360 days of clear sunny skies. Ideal, you think? Not so much. Believe me we get just as tired of clear blue skies as Seattlites get of cloudy grey skies. Need to live somewhere in the middle, I think! Days with clouds are wonderful as they add some interest to the view. Isn't this more interesting...than this?For the StarWars/Disney Fans!

Look at Ray's newest Charity Hat! "Charitable crafting can be a way to take what you have but don’t need, and turn it into something someone else needs but doesn’t have."

I know "The World's Biggest Stash" has been circulated before. The more I view these pictures the more it makes me uncomfortable. If I had even 25% of this much yarn I'd feel so overwhelmed to "do something with it". I would feel compelled to give up sleeping, hire a housekeeper, and start using it up. I'd end up in Ripley's Belive It or Not, not as the woman with all that yarn, but the one that never left her house again in order to use it up.

In that same vein, what did we do before the internet? We had more time for spinning and knitting!

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  1. I agree with you about the skies. We have magnificent clouds in our part of the world--when we have them--and we have a lot of sky to see them in, but sometimes we have nothing at all.


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