Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cardigans, Lemons and Grapefruit

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Finished the hood on the Simple Baby Cardigan and have proceeded to do the increases to create the sleeves. The pattern calls for a Knit in the front and back of the stitch (Kfb) increase but the little purl bars showed up in different colors than the knitting around it and just looked less than appealing to me. So I frogged it back and changed to yarn overs (YOs) for the increases. I think they look nice and add a bit of airiness to the work.

After working about three inches on the sleeves, I realized I'd made an error about twelve rows back and one on the second row of increases. Thought it was a good time to practice putting in a life line back before the errors. I did, it worked, and then I thought it might be a good idea to put a lifeline in every four or five rows so this didn't happen again. Someday I'll learn how to frog back and fix errors at YOs.

I know I'm enjoying knitting on this because I didn't even get upset when I'd lost three hours of work. I just stayed up a little later last night and caught up to where I was before I found the errors. I dropped the slip stitch pattern I'd used on the hood when I started the increases. So the yoke will be st st. Haven't decided yet if I'll pick up the pattern again once it turns to even knitting again. What do you think?

Finally got the back yard cleaned up. There were several months worth of fallen fruit, leaves and garbage gifted to us by the neighbors in our little postage stamp back yard. I go out to rake it into the corner quite often, but getting it out of the corner and into the dumpster requires two of us. Lately it's been so hot in the afternoons (over 100 for a couple weeks now) it just seemed so daunting to get it done. But yesterday was the day and it's all clean now. The new crop of grapefruits are about the size of a good sized lemon. The lemons about the size of a quarter.
Hail in Virginia yesterday. Everyday I read about some strange weather phenomenon somewhere. Shades of The Day After Tomorrow.

George Carlin, RIP.

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  1. Just stopping by to say hello. Time seems to pass more quickly with each birthday I have. I see you are still busy with knitting and all your projects look good. I also like the pics of the grapefruits and the lemons. Miss that orange tree we had in the backyard in California. I planted two apple trees, but the deer got them this year. I hope they survive the winter. Renate


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