Monday, June 23, 2008

Long Term Knitting

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I've been feeling the need to knit something a bit more long term than Hatz or Mittnz. It's a feeling of discontent that I've noticed other knitters suffering from, too. A need to knit something "different." Hard to explain if you're not feeling it, but I can feel several of you nodding your head in understanding.

To combat it, I CO the Simple Baby Cardigan from Pure and Simple. And because I can't just knit a pattern as written, I employed the slip stitch pattern from's Crusoe. Because the sweater is knit flat, the plain knit rounds become purl rows. I did over six inches of the 8.5 inches needed for the hood. The yarn is S.R. Kertzer Northern Worsted acrylic. I love the colors and like how the stitch pattern helps break them up. Changes I'd make in the pattern so far: Use a provisional CO so the top of the hood could be Kitchenered or a three needle bind off.
I watched The Sound of Thunder on SciFi yesterday. It's based on a Ray Bradbury short story I'd read as a kid, and was written before I was born. It was one of the scifi stories that always stuck in my mind, wondering if indeed the web of existence not only reaches out to every thing in the Universe in the Now, but also to all that has happened and all that will happen. It's something to ponder, just don't try to wrap your head around it. It doesn't work! :) It brings back Dr. Malcom's quote in Jurassic Park: "Just because we can doesn't me we should."

If you don't subscribe to The Daily Kitten, you are really missing some very wonderful pictures! Booger says, "Peek!!"

Crazy Aunt Purl says people just wanna have fun. But does one loose the whole concept of fun by programming into one's life? To me, spontaneity is part of the definition of fun. Yes, we plan an outing to a specific location to "have fun," but we don't know for sure we will till we quit trying and just "do it." I guess I don't do very well with having "scheduled" fun.

I enjoy knitting, crocheting, spinning, reading making cookies, etc., but whenever I try to schedule it: Spin on Mondays, bake on Wednesday afternoons, go to the library Thursdays at 3:15, the time arrives and I don't want to spin or bake or whatever. I want to continue doing what I'm doing that gives me the pleasure I'm enjoying at the moment. And I know how bad I'd feel (bad=not fun) if I had to tell Sean Connery when he finally showed up at my door, "Sorry, Sean, it's 3:15 on Thursday and I have to go to the library to have fun." Discuss among yourselves.


  1. I read your blog with interest. Your attitude is a great one as you are "living in the moment". Who likes the "have to" days which is one of the reasons I have difficulty joining organized groups where I definitely have to be there. The "have to" days remind me of the dishcloths from years ago where you did laundry on Mondays, ironing on Tuesdays, etc....yuck! We are liberated women!

  2. I am loving the baby cardigan, its yarn and the stitch you chose. It's really bright and cheerful! As for scheduling fun, some people in my neck o' the woods have to do that or they would never have fun (can you say, "Turn off the Blackberry and let's go swimming"?). Silicon Valley is not fun-oriented enough. But I like doing both, schedule some in, find it serendipitously too. So if Sean C. shows up, be spontaneous! Let him in! 8^)

  3. LOL! If you're going to the library, send Sean on over to me!


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