Thursday, June 26, 2008

Simple Baby Hoodie

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This sweater is just moving right along. I started the sleeve early in the day yesterday, had about two inches done and realized I'd not done any of the decreases. So, frogged it back, did the decreases and have now started ribbing on the cuff. According to this chart, the sweater should fit a 12 month old child. It just looks so short and so wide. But then all the hand knit baby sweaters look short and wide to me. I'm sure it'll fit someone at some time!
We had a bit of rain last night. I'm sure it wasn't very much, but it sure smelled good. I lived in Minnesota as a kid, and the summers were very humid. My mom could smell rain coming hours before it hit. I have a hard time here in the desert smelling it early, but once it hits, it's such a clean crisp smell. And it cooled down quite a bit. It's a full ten degrees cooler in the house this morning than it has been for several days.

Sabina proves San Diego dogs know how to handle the heat!
Robyn's Nest has Boye Knitting Needle Earrings on sale. Cute Idea!

KnittingIris had quite a dyeing adventure. It's really very interesting.

From Lovin' Comfort Knits:
From Kathy at irisheyes: One scoop or three?


  1. So, you just need to find a short, fat baby for the Love all the pics and those earring...I may have to make myself a pair of those.

  2. You have one of the neatest blogs around. I admire that you seem to make time to knit everyday & then have the time to share w/all of us!



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