Sunday, May 4, 2008

Three Pair Done!

I finished up three pair of hand warmers yesterday! This first pair is made with a chunky weight yarn I rescued from a Salvation Army sweater. It felts very easily and will full down to a nice pair of handwarmers just by wearing them.

This second pair are crocheted baby mitts from the yarn left over from Presto Chango. It took me a little over an hour to make them. Crocheting is so much faster!

These were the upstairs project I'd been working on. Those always take a bit longer as I only knit for a couple of hours in the evenings, depending on how good TV is and how groggy I am!

I also finished up the third of the Log Cabin blankets . They are all getting to be good sized and it won't take long to get them to their 36+ inch size.

Not much else going on. Youngest Daughter's car quit running right in the middle of the road yesterday. Sounds like it might be the fuel pump, but won't know till the mechanic gets back to town. Hopefully he can come over tomorrow and get it fixed with little to no hassle. We had been negotiating with Eldest Daughter to buy her van. She wants $3500 and it needs about $2000 worth of work. She wants $1000 down and it payed off by the end of the year. And full coverage. The cost + repairs is ridiculous but the rest is relatively reasonable. We just can't afford it. So.... no go on a second car. Which we really can't afford to drive anyway.


  1. All the mitts are really lovely, Lizzie. Can't get a second car...think of it as half the hassle, etc.

  2. You had a great knitting day -- cute mitts!


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