Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ribbing Without Purling

Do you hate to do ribbing? Hate having to go back and for the between knit and purl sts?

Here's an alternative:

Knit, in stockinette stitch, the number of rows or rounds of ribbing you want done.
Slip stitches until you reach the column you want to be purl sts. Flip your work over or turn it inside out if you're working in the round, drop that st and pull apart the column to make a ladder.

Grab your crochet hook and hook back up the column just like you would if you were fixing a stitch several rows back on your knitting.

Slip sts again till you reach the next column that is to become purl sts on the public side and knit sts on the private side.
Although it may not be a time saver, although I didn't notice it took any extra time, it certainly is an aggravation saver if you're one of those knitters that dislikes switching back and forth from knit to purl.


  1. Good technique and often suggested for Machine knitters with no ribber. Me I prefer to purl, now that I only flick there is little difference between the knit and purl in action.

  2. I prefer to purl. However, I'm always glad when the ribbing is done and I can forge forward with the pattern.

  3. Thats a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great tip, though I don't mind purling at all. You always have such cool info on your blog!

  5. I imagine the gauge will be tighter. When you work the yarn back and forth knit to purl, you're putting extra distance in the yarn that's not there in a straight stockinette. All that aside, that's a neat idea--thank you! It's fun to learn something that would never have occurred to me and is so obvious that you can do that, now that I see it. Cool.


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