Monday, May 5, 2008

Socks for Seeley

Seeley Boothe is a character played by David Boreanaz on the TV show Bones. He likes crazy socks....he being both Seeley and David. There are a group of us on Ravelry that have decided to make some socks for Seeley/David. I started mine yesterday and after a couple of froggings, have decided the yarn really is kinda neat in a plain vanilla sock. I'm making them out of the Hill Country Yarns Instant Gratifications sport weight yarn I bought a couple of months ago.

Gotta tell you though, I'm not so sure it was a good deal. Of the three skeins I bought (2 Candy Cane and 1 Indian Summer) only one was in good shape. The Indian Summer had knots in the skein, one skein of the Candy Cane had brownish stains and breaks on some of the stains. One skein of Candy Cane shows no problems. So, buyer beware.
Looks like Youngest Daughter's car will be fixed up this morning. Took a bit of diagnostic work by the mechanic, but he'll be back over this morning to finish it up. Whew!


  1. Hey, I'll knit that guy a pair of socks if he'll sit in my living room showing them off as he is in your pic :>) Write to the company and complain about the yarn, maybe they'll send you some good stuff.

  2. I heard about the group doing this! How do you send them to him? To the studio?? I wish I had time to knit Seeley socks, he's a cutie! Hubby would kill me if I knit some for Seeley and not him! LOL


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