Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today's the day I am supposed to get my tooth pulled. I have a funny feeling it's not gonna happen. When I made the appointment, the gal told me the only reason they wouldn't pull it is if they needed additional authorization from the insurance. I'm assuming they will, which means I'll go in, he'll look at it and say, "Yup, it needs to come out. We'll schedule it for next Wednesday." That's how my life goes. We'll see. If I'm really quiet for the next few days, you'll know I was wrong.

Got a couple of Charity Log Cabins in the mail yesterday. I am still working on the first one. I've decided, since we've lost so many members in our group, to do two six inch sections on each blanket to hurry things along. So I did the orange section on the right and am working on the green striped brown section on the top. I still have a couple of inches to do on that.

And before I checked the mail, I worked some more on my Bones socks. I have two more inches to add to the five already done before I start the heel. Haven't decided if I'm going to do a heel flap and gusset, or an afterthought heel. I just hate to break up the stripes on the patterning by changing the stitch count necessary for a heel flap type heel...

Well, Youngest Daughter's car still isn't working. The part we need is no longer manufactured. I did check out and we've gotten two e-mails saying they have the used part. One place in Illinois, the other in Indiana. Phone calls will be made to see what we can find out. Otherwise it'll have to be junked. And then we are without a working car.

Been checking out bus schedules, and fortunately we can pretty easily take buses to work and to get Eldest Granddaughter to and from school. The worst part is that it extends Youngest Daughter's work day by a couple of hours. The bus gets to a bus stop about three blocks from her work either an hour before she needs to be there, or twelve minutes before she needs to be there. Getting YG to school is no biggie, but going home requires a walk of four blocks to safely cross the road with a light or take our chances and cross one block from the school. Things like grocery shopping is what is going to be no fun at all. Getting our five gallon water jugs filled once a week will require getting someone to take us to the Water Station. I'm sure we'll get it all figured out, and who knows maybe the car part is really available and it'll work.

Life is so much fun.

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  1. Lizzie, I hope things start going better for you. If you can't find the part you need for the car, let me know. There's a place in Mass. that usually has hard to find items. If I were closer, I would help.


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