Thursday, May 8, 2008

FO and Teeth

I haven't much to show you. I got the leg done on my Bones sock while waiting for the dentist. I was there right on time and two hours later the dentist said they needed to send it in for approval and they'd call me to set up the extraction appointment. Two Freakin' Hours! The weird thing is my tooth doesn't hurt anymore. Actually it's teeth. Two of them have to come out. Anyway, I started taking some Chinese herbs for trauma. Always good to take Yunnan Piayao before surgery. Helps prepare the body. Well, since I started taking that, and I quit taking the pain pills. (And no, I don't have a high tolerance for mouth pain. I was alternating aspirin and Aleve with Ibuprofen every 4 hours. Yesterday I took pain pills at 3:30 am and not again till 3:30 pm. That's a long time. I took some last night again at 9:30 pm just to make sure I slept all night. I'm going to go without any today if I can.) The only thing that hurts now is when I eat/drink cold or hot. And it's a dull, sore like a bruise pain that goes away in a few minutes. I'm thinking continued use of Yunnan Piayao will eventually alleviate that, too. I'm going to go ahead with the extraction simply because the teeth need to come out.

Knitting....oh yeah. I got the leg done on the sock, 7 inches of it. And I finished off the panel on the Log Cabin charity blanket I'm working on.

Our transportation issues are getting worse. Well, they've bottomed out. Neither car can be fixed or is worth investing money in. Youngest Daughter has an appointment with CarMax on Monday to see if they will sell her a car. Not really thinking that's going to work.

Life goes on....

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  1. Sorry regarding the delay getting your teeth pulled. Things will look up for you soon.

  2. I worki n a dental office so I can offer some sympathy (although we don't keep patients wait 2 hours) Way to go with the healing herbs and get some Natural Dentist Mouth Rinse to help with healing. Good Luck!


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