Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sum-sum summertime!

My DIL sent me some pics of Youngest Grandson. He's having way too much fun in the warm Tennessee sun!
This is Youngest Grandson and his uncle BJ's girlfriend, Annie.

I don't think he appreciated her help....

Took Youngest Daughter to the ER yesterday. They determined it's mostly a muscle issue and had a Physical Therapist work with her and prescribed several weeks of PT for her. The therapist was sure with work and exercise all her back problems could be resolved. She was also told not to go back to work till Friday, so that'll be a whole week's salary we'll loose....

But the good news is it will get better. She got some good pain pills and a muscle relaxant to help her gain mobility.

I, of course, took my knitting with me. I finished the second muffatee and all the gusset decreases on the second Bones sock. However, the batteries went out on the camera. So until I get to the store, no pics!

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  1. The baby is so adorable. Ironically, I got similar pictures from daughter over the weekend.


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