Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Love" Knitting

Here's the most recent completed pair of muffatees. This is really old, probably 70s, acrylic yarn I got on Freecycle a few years ago. Someone was going to make something big out of it because there were, like, eight skeins of it. I really like the tiger stripe effect it gives. These, by the way, are pair 45 which has me in the lead of the Mittnz Challenge. The runner up, at this point has 41 pair. We still have a long way to go, though because mailing isn't until late September. At the rate I'm going, I'll have to open up a savings account for all the money I find in the laundry to pay the UPS charges!

This is the newest addition to the Log Cabin Charity project. We have about seven or eight people working on these blankets. We do a section and send it on to someone else to add some. It keeps going round and round until it's at least 36 inches on the shortest side. Frogsalot sent me this one with the dark purplish section. I added the white and turquoise. This particular one is crocheted and we have others that are knitted.

Youngest Daughter went to see the acupuncturist again yesterday. Initially she was worse off, but by the end of the day seemed much better. We'll see how she does today. Tomorrow is her last day off work. It's a good thing she only has a two hour shift on Friday, but I'm not seeing her drive a standard transmission to work at this point in time.

Today is Youngest Granddaughter's first "work out" with the Speech Therapist. I really have mixed feelings about this. Although my autistic grandson has learned words and appropriate responses, I noticed the other day he doesn't smile like he used to. He was always smiling, laughing and constantly in motion. Now he's serious and moves appropriately. Yeah, it doesn't wear me out to watch him anymore, but at what cost? It looks like his happy demeanor is replaced with the Life is Hard Work demeanor, and to me, that's so sad in a five year old.

Tomorrow night is an end of year event at Eldest Granddaughter's school, Author's Night. EG is very excited about us going and has chattered about it constantly for the last week. Then there is a ceremony on Friday morning before early and final dismissal at noon.

EG is also working great guns on the Summer Reading Program sponsored by our local library. The kids receive a chart with sections to color in for each 15 minutes of reading. Prizes are awarded at 6 hour intervals. She's using the timer to counter her minutes and record accordingly. We had to make a special trip to the library yesterday for more books! She's reading small chapter books, The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope. She's finished Dinosaurs Before Dark and is currently reading The Knight At Dawn. There are over 30 books in the series, so they should keep her busy honing her reading skills for awhile!

The hot weather is returning with a forecast of over 100 by Saturday. Yeah summer...NOT!


  1. Wow 45 Pair od Mitz... Thats alot of warm hands!!! :)

  2. I can't believe how quickly you are cranking out those mitts!

    I love the colours in the most recent pair.


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