Thursday, May 29, 2008


I bought "new" batteries on Tuesday and got one picture out of each battery. Hopefully there were just old batteries and there is nothing wrong with the camera.

Consequently, no new pics today.

I am just about an inch from the toe decreases on the second Bones sock. Hopefully I'll get them done today. I've got 1.75 pairs of mittnz done. These have a little colorwork on them. Benefits of knitting them flat. Colorwork can be done in the round, but it's a bit tricky for me to keep the floats loose enough. And long floats are not really good unless one is going to line the mittens.

Youngest Daughter is still not much better.... I still don't know how she's going to be able to drive a standard transmission. And the thought of having to drive her to work with two tired kids at 11:00 pm with my lack of night vision isn't comfortable.....

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  1. Re batteries: Buy name-brand, because the others are useless.
    Re camera batteries: If your camera is set to high-def, each photo will take up a lot of power and memory.
    Re rechargeable batteries: Best investment I ever made. I bought a 15-minute charger, and the batteries last a lot longer in the camera than regular ones.

    Hope YD's back gets better.


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