Friday, May 30, 2008

No Camera...

I bought more batteries for the camera and the same thing happened. One or two pics and the batteries were dead. Don't think it's the batteries....

And my camera phone is dead, too. That, I might be able to get fixed. It's only a couple months old and should be replaced for free.

So, I'm "stealing" pics from blogs I read. This is a stitch detail from Jill's Chickadee Cowl. Naturally, it's a discontinued yarn, but I adore the quick color changes. One does get tired of long color changes that pool or just don't look good. Notice her nice even stitches, too.

I finished up my Bones socks. They are gorgeous and soon will be ready to mail to the coordinator. The bad thing about making socks for an unknown foot is the anxiety of knowing whether or not it will fit. Oh well...

Didn't make any progress on Mittnz knitting yesterday. I spent most of my day in the car driving EGD to school, YD to acupuncturist, and then the return trips spaced an hour apart.

Last night was Author's Night at Eldest Granddaughter's school. Everyone in her class wrote a book (one to ten sentences long) and illustrated it as well. Each one of them made a hat from a paper grocery bag to wear during their recitation. Quite the fashion show! It was nice to see all the family members there to encourage the reading and writing. The books are all laminated and were very professional looking.

Today we are taking Eldest Son to see the new Indiana Jones movie as his birthday present. I don't know if YD is going to join Youngest Son and I in seeing it with ES or not. She just came downstairs and is walking pretty good, but the hour in the chair at Author's Night last night just about killed her.


  1. Hope your camera is back in working order. How we become dependent on those gadgets.

  2. I am making another in The Plucky Knitter's new bulky weight. I am almost finished, and it will be blogged about soon.


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