Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mittnz & Socks

Using Youngest Daughter's phone, I got these two pics. (My phone camera is d-e-a-d just like the camera is. :::sigh:::) Anyway, Mittnz pair 46 is finished. Pair 47 is half done.

Here are the Bones Socks. All finished, blocked and ready to send on to David Boreanaz. It will be so much fun if he wears them and shows them off during taping of an episode of Bones! Of course there will be several pair all made by different people heading to his agent, but we live in hope!
Youngest Daughter went back to work today. She did much better yesterday, even managing to sit through Indiana Jones. It, BTW, was fantastic! It was as much fun as watching the first one the first time! Don't wait till it comes out on DVD, go see it now!

Karen Allen returns in this episode. BTW, did you know she has her own fiber business?

I'm hoping the day will be nice and easy going. I really need a break from my "nursing" career!

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