Monday, May 26, 2008

Memories and Mittnz

I took on an adult sized mittnz yesterday. They do take quite a bit longer to make. I'm really happy with the way this turned out, it's an adaptation of the two needle mitten pattern I used for the turquoise baby mitts of an earlier post. One of the many good things that comes from using a two need pattern is I'm getting alot of practice with my seaming. If this wasn't a variegated yarn the seaming sts wouldn't show at all.

Youngest Daughter is strongly considering going to the hospital. She's missed three days of work so far and is no better than she was when she threw her back out on Friday morning. Application of heat did help some, so I'm thinking she needs a muscle relaxant. This is really scary for all of us. She's the primary wage earner and even if I could hold down a job it wouldn't pay enough to cover our bills....

Twenty eight years ago today, my Oldest Son was born. In 1997 he was in a car accident, survived against all odds, and is a victim of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The son I had for 17 years was replaced by someone else. Although there are parts of him there, much of who he was has changed. However, he's my son and always will be. Happy Birthday, baby!

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