Monday, May 12, 2008

Mittnz 16

I finally finished up the pair of Mittnz I had upstairs. That makes 16 pair, which is goal x 2! And I've started a "makin' it up as I go along" crocheted pair of muffatees.

I finished the last Log Cabin I have (for the moment). It was a nice quiet evening so the GDs and I watched National Treasure while I finished it. I haven't check the mail recently, but I'm assuming there is at least one and possibly two more blankets there for me to work on.

This is the GDs right before they and their mother started the trek to the bus stop. Youngest Daughter and her father are going to go look at brand new cars today....

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  1. Those little grandaughters are just so adorable looking. They always look happy!


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