Sunday, May 11, 2008

Heel Flap

I've got maybe one or two more rows on the heel flap. I tried a different, but not too different, stitch pattern for this one. The slip sts are slipped as if to knit instead of purl and they alternate each row in their placement. It adds a bit of texture to the heel, the ribbiness of the standard Eye of Partridge heel is flattened out thus it doesn't feel as thick, but it's still got the extra thickness for wear and tear. It also breaks up the color repeats a bit more than the EoP.

The assessment from the Speech Therapist for Youngest Granddaughter went well, I think. I hope that she will be YGD's therapist as YGD took to her like white on rice! It's so rare that she immediately interacts with someone she's never met before. But she did and it was delightful to see.

I didn't get any work done on the last Charity Log Cabin I have presently, but will do that today before playing with my sock!

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  1. Nice look on that heel! It's heartwarming that GD took to the therapist. Reminds me of when mine was so young and her speech therapist.


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