Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Pair and Ironman

I found a great crochet pattern for these muffatees. They are alot like Mariella's knit Wristerz. However, crochet being crochet, I made these in about two hours.

Youngest Son and I went to see Ironman yesterday. What a fantastic movie. I've always loved Robert Downey, Jr., and hoped that someday he'd overcome his addiction problems. He looked pretty darn good in this movie, so maybe..... He did perfect dead pan comedy which added so much to the script. The story was good (typical comic book stuff, but really well done), the actors multi dimensional, the special effects fantastic... Just a darn good way to spend a couple of hours. Oh and did I mention Robert Downey, Jr. looked sooooo good?

Well, it worked! Youngest Daughter's dad came through and helped her buy a car. I knew he couldn't sit by and not jump in to "fix it." It's a 2004 Kia Rio, electric blue, manual transmission and all the standard bells and whistles. It's a good thing, even though I'm not fond of the car payment thing. Youngest Daughter took the bus to take Eldest Granddaughter to school and riding it jarred her back so bad she could hardly walk for the rest of the day. Of course, with all the money being spent on car payments we can't afford for her to see the acupuncturist to get it fixed up.... It's a real Gift of the Magi!

Second Son stopped by yesterday to bring me a Mother's Day gift...a nice 5 x 7 of him and my grandson. I'm kinda sorry we won't need to borrow his car....it was nice have a few minutes every day to visit with him. He has such a busy life I really don't get to see him very often.


  1. Love the color of the mitts. Also, great to have the car issues resolved. That didn't take too long. Car payments are almost a part of everyday life. A car is a necessary evil sometimes.

  2. My older son loves his bicycle, I love your mitts, I really ought to go make him a pair. Thanks for the nudge!


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