Friday, May 2, 2008

And the winner is....

...ME! I won at contest over at Nicola's Blog, More Friends and a Blog. The bracelet is knitted wire with beads. Very delicate. Am waiting to try the chocolate till after I get done with this tooth thing. I think I'l donate the seeds to my granddaughter's school. We have no place to plant them here and the school always has a nice little garden growing for the kids. It's nice to get a surprise in the mail!

I worked most of the day on a variation of Mariella's Sideways Wristerz. I had a bit of a pattern in the one I'm making and wanted to duplicate it in the second one, so I knit it backwards, starting with the thumb and going to the other side. Now the seam will be in the same place on both of them!

I did my first "spit splice" yesterday. However for various reasons, one being the tooth thing again, I used vinegar instead of spit. Worked like a charm! I'm sure plain water would work, too, but.... It's really kinda neat and once the yarn dried, I couldn't find it anywhere in my knitting.

I received three of the charity log cabin baby blankets in the mail yesterday. So my time for the next few days will be taken up with adding a six inch strip on them and mailing them on to the next lucky person!

Oh, about the tooth thing... I finally found a dentist, have an appointment for next Wednesday for an extraction. If all goes well, it'll get extracted then. I hope so. The pain thing on this is so weird. The OTC pain pills are fine until around 1:00. (I'm alternating Motrin and Ibuprofin.) Then nothing works from 1 till around 6. Then it kicks it again and I'm fine until 1 the next day. Really weird.


  1. So glad you won something. That's always so much fun. Happy that the tooth is being taken care of also. Hurry up, Wednesday, hurry up!

  2. I am glad you won a prize. The bracelet is beautiful. I hope all goes well with your tooth extraction.


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