Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Invisible Bookshelf

Isn't it cool? All my knitting books in one easy location! I'm going to get more of them for the Harry Potter books and maybe my Diana Gabaldon books! Just scattered over the wall....

Here's how to make an invisible bookshelf if you'd rather not buy one!

Very little knitting done yesterday. I have a tooth ache and it was just easier to kick back and read. I still have a tooth ache but I can't afford to lolly gag around!

I did get the buttons for Presto Chango and got those sewn on, the sweater washed and blocked. So not it's ready to be packed away till this winter and see if it fits Youngest Grandson at that point. If it doesn't, it'll either get put away for next grand child, saved as a baby gift for someone, or sent off the Cheyenne River Reservation.

I just read this really well written article, The Girl With a Boy's Brain, about a young woman with Asperger's Syndrome. Although I have many different issues than she does, I have many in common. It's a good glimpse into the life of a person with AS.


  1. I'm sorry you have a tooth ache! I hope you feel better soon. I love the buttons on the sweater.

  2. I love the sweater and hope it fits your grandchild. Great buttons, also. Hope the toothache feels better soon.

  3. So sorry about the teeth! They can sure be annoying, can't they?

    Love Presto Chango! The buttons are great. And I really need to learn more about your invisible bookshelves! Where did you get them?


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