Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Almost a Baker's Dozen

I finished up one more Mittnz last night and will CO on the mate today. I just can't get over how quick they are to knit up!

The evaluation of Youngest Granddaughter went well. Of course we don't know anything yet, but it looks like we'll get into the system and will have some help making sure she gets into the programs that will make her quality of life better. As I understand it, they will be teaching us things to help her, which in turn may also help us deal with our life on the Spectrum.

I've also been working on Art School Sock #2. Interestingly enough, the color pattern is totally different on sock #2. The colors are the same, but the stripes are significally narrower. I'm sure that to anyone that is not as obsessive as I am, it's not enough of a difference to notice. I just find it weird that the second half of the same skein of yarn looks so different.
Look at Summerlin, a cute, cute, cute, dress for a little girl! I'm thinking maybe the bottom half could be done with a t-shirt!

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  1. I've had the same thing happen to me with sock yarn as it "pools" differently. Great that youngest grandaughter will get the programs she needs...very important and unfortunately, sometimes we have to fight for them. Have a great day, Lizzie


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