Monday, April 7, 2008

Tanks and Sox

I'm sure I've not mentioned it, but my Eldest Son, the one in the wheel chair, is well over 6 feet tall and weighs, probably, over 250 lbs. He's big. And he only has one leg that works sorta well and one that works not well at all. Same with arms. So, he was done doing his business, stood up to get dressed, lost his balance, sat down abruptly and suddenly there were several gallons of water spewing out onto the bathroom floor.

When one looks at the 3/4 inch thick porcelain, one wonders how anyone could do that. Later that day I found out he's broken four other toilets at his dad's house. So today I have to deal with the complex office and find out what the costs for us will be if any.... His dad will need to pay for it...I hope.

In the midst of all that, I got quite a bit done my sock while watching movies with my son. This yarn is really nice...100% Merino which is great to work with. The pattern is great. It fits like a glove although I had changed the CO numbers at the very beginning. I CO 52 rather than the 40 something the pattern called for. In fact, I'd already done the cuff before I chose Crusoe as my stitch pattern. Anyway, it fits snuggly but not too snug.

The knot showed up in the first round of the gusset decreases, so eliminating it didn't change the color patterning at all. There is a dark band about an inch wide at the ankle corresponding to the gusset decreases which would be there anyway.

Other than that, my day was pretty uneventful. ("Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?")


  1. Those socks look great! They really do remind me of Indian Corn :)

  2. Socks look great, Lizzie. They will be perfect this fall. "Plumbing" problems are never fun. Mine usually happen when there is company visiting.


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