Sunday, April 6, 2008

Did It Again....

I found a new yarn! It's Instant Gratification from Hill Country Yarns. I got mine on-line from DiscountYarnSale. It was on sale. The single skein is called Indian Summer. The red and white is Candy Cane. What's nice about it is that it's a DK/Sport weight rather than fingering/sock weight. It's 100% Merino superwash.

I, of course had to CO as I'd just, and I mean just finished up the dishcloth I'd been working on the day before.I decided I'd like to do a stitch pattern that breaks up the colors. So I browsed through Ravelry for finished projects and found a gorgeous sock. It was Crusoe by Marilyn A Roberts at It's a very simple pattern and goes quickly cuz you're only knitting half the sts every other round! The other half are slipped! I'm calling these Indian Corn.

The only caveat is several yards into the skein I found a knot. I've written to both Hill Country Yarns and DiscountYarnSale. It'll be interesting to see if they respond. The knot itself is really not anything more than an annoyance. What upsets me is that when using a space dyed yarn, shortening the color span disrupts any pattern that may have been creating by the dyeing. If it's on the heel flap, it's no big deal, but if it's in the middle of the leg or foot it changes the whole color pattern. Can I live with it? Of course, but it's still annoying to be sold something that is less than the best the manufacturer can do.

For those that would like to try listening to books but don't want to purchase any equipment, try Librivox. They have hundreds of books in the public domain for immediate download and listening using programs that should already be on your computer (Windows Media Player). I found several of my childhood favorites: several of Louisa May Alcott's, Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, Freckles, Heidi, Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Mark Twain, as well as lots of "adult" books--Plato, Jonathan Swift (if you've never read A Modest Proposal you really should!).


  1. Love the yarn -- I hope your Crusoes turn out better than mine. The pattern runs small and I had to start over! Oh well.....

  2. Love the yarn and the names of them. Yes, those pesky knots are an annoyance. Even yarn that you buy at a regular store sometimes has knots. If I find one, I never buy that brand again. Just an FYI...home computer is dead in the water. Difficult to blog or leave comments unless I come into work.

  3. Have you discovered the other Anne books yet?

  4. They do look like Indian corn! So funny. I love the Little Peppers, too. Haven't thought about them in years, thanks for reminding me.


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