Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fun in the Suds

Okay, so I'm feeling guilty because I have two socks, two muffatees and countless other projects OTN. So what do I do? CO another project! It's impossible to make sense out of the minds of knitters! This is a dish cloth using the Ridge Stitch pattern from Dishcloth Boutique. It's a simple pattern and I'm thinking it would work well for socks by substituting the purl row as a knit row.

In my defense, I did finish the black and pink muffatee from my upstairs knitting basket. It's done the same way as the brown and black ones. I hope I can find a pair of bright pink Magic Gloves to go with them!

Eldest Son is spending the weekend while his dad is in Tennessee with Youngest Son visiting 3rd Son. Eldest Son is in a wheel chair and our house is not handicapped friendly so going to the bathroom is an adventure!

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  1. "Muffatees" always sounds to me like something I'm going to see next trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Makes me giggle, always has.


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