Saturday, April 26, 2008

Of Carpets and Concerts

Not much knitting done yesterday. Instead we cleaned carpets. Not an equal exchange, but it's nice having clean floors. We rented a Mr. Steam cleaner from the local Safeway and boy have rented carpet cleaners changed. Smaller, lighter and easier to use!

Last night I went to the Reveille Men's Chorus concert with F. His hubby, B, is a member and we never miss a performanc. They are always good, and last night was no exception! The concert took on an international theme and we got to see multicultural groups from the area perform national dance and song. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tahitian, Hawaiian, African, Irish and more as well as the chorus performing traditional pieces in the native languages. A very enjoyable evening. We went out for dinner after the concert and I stayed out later than I have in many, many years!

I did CO the second Art Sock and have a couple inches of the leg done. And there are two more pairs of Mariella's Wristers OTN. I took one with me to the concert to KIP and got quite a bit done during the first half. Afterthat I just wanted to watch the show. It's a nice skill, being able to knit without looking at one's knitting! And it doesn't look so bad, either!

So, who'd of not thunk of Mitten Blockers? Simple, easy, inexpensive!

People are still getting snow and it's 85 here!

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  1. Well not much knitting got done, but cleanflooors and a fantastic concert -- sounds good to me! I can't knit with looking yet........


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