Friday, April 18, 2008

Impuse Buying

I don't generally shop impulsively. I hate beating myself up for it afterwards. And I always do.

But.... Ray at Knitivity created some really pretty one time yarn, Mystery So Deep from a dyeing experiment and I just couldn't resist. It's really beautiful with dark colors of burgundy, black and brown. And it's a huge skein...550 yards. So it sits in front of my at my computer desk and I'm trying to think what I could make with it. It's 100% sport weight wool. The color changes will be abrupt as it's three different colors of yarn.... Any ideas?

The problem with being a disciplined knitter and working for periods of time on all three current projects means there is no drastic change to share with you. The Art School sock is getting a heel. No, the toe is not all done, but stopping to put in the afterthought heel now insures a better fit as I can try it on before I start the toe decreases. The heel is bright pink and although there is no pink in the Art School yarn, it goes well with the primary red, green, yellow and blue.

Confetti Sock was giving me problems and has been frogged back to the cuff a couple of times but seems to be working out well now. I have about three more inches of patterned leg before starting the heel.

I've done about two inches of the sleeves on Presto Chango. Remember that it's a T shaped back and sleeves, starting at the bottom of the back and knitting up to the sleeves, CO additional sts, and then the front will be divided and the panel added.

On my upstairs project, I've finished one of a pair mittnz minus a thumb and am ready to start the thumb gusset on the second one. These are little kids mittnz so are going quickly.

I watched one of my favorite movies last night, Frequency with Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid. If you've never watched this, take the time to put it in your Netflix queue or rent it at your local video store. It's a good, good movie.

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