Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Best Laid Plans....

I had every intention of rotating through my projects yesterday. I started out with Art School socks and the heel is almost finished. Then I moved on to Presto Chango and some how got stuck. Oh, I got a lot done, but all my other projects were disappointed they didn't get some time.

What you see in the above pick, is the back, the total left sleeve with part of the left front and part of the right sleeve! Below is a shot of the back featuring the Ridge Stitch. I really like the way it's turning out. Makes the rather boring one color yarn look snazzy!

And that was about my day! Youngest Daughter was home at noon, picked up Youngest Granddaughter and ran errands until time to pick up Eldest Granddaughter. I stayed home and knit while watching the last two episodes of Taken on the SciFi channel. It's one of my favorite series. SciFi channel has also been reairing The Lost Room, which is another of my favorites! I caught the last two hours of that last night while waiting for Cantebury's Law to come on. Hence all the knitting!

Eldest Granddaughter is having a sleep over and a trip to the County Fair today. That leaves Youngest Granddaughter and I home together. That's a good thing. We do very well together all day. It'll be another good knitting day!

A discussion question came up on one of the lists today: Why do you buy knitting books? I generally don't. Most everything I knit comes from free patterns on line. I taught myself to knit from tutorials on line.

I have all of EZ's books. After that, I have a baker's dozen:
  1. The Knitter's Companion (bought used early in my knitting career, haven't used it but half a dozen times)
  2. 365 Knitting Stitches a Year (great resource)
  3. The Disney Book of Knitting (just because it's Disney)
  4. Sensational Knitted Socks (bought as a result of peer pressure "everyone has one!")
  5. The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook (bought for dyeing techniques)
  6. Folk Socks (resource for different toes and heels)
  7. The Big Book of Knitting (again, early in my knitting career, doesn't get much use)
  8. Knit a Square & Make a Toy (bought back when my grandson was in a Waldorf school)
  9. Charmed Knits (it's Harry Potter, for goodness sakes!)
  10. Family Circle Easy Knits for Kids (gift from my X's new wife....'nuf said)
  11. Knit Along with Debbie Macomber (gift from a fellow blogger)
  12. Complete Guide to Modern Knitting and Crocheting (1947) (My grandmother's)
  13. Favorite Socks - Interweave (thought I wanted to make a pair of socks in it...)

Here is my little knitting book collection.

So what about you? What books do you have and why do you have them? Are you a book collector? Do you use them? Are you glad you spent the money on them or do you wish you had the money for yarn now?


  1. I have too many craft books to give a count! Maybe I'll tidy up the bookshelf and take a pic to post on my blog.
    Some of these books were gifts, some I bought, traded, etc. I have used most of them, but I really would like to thin them out. Found a book destash group on Ravelry - maybe I'll trade for yarn for more mittens :)

  2. I would say every knitter should have Kaffe Fassett's Glorious Knits (Glorious Knitting in the UK) for colorwork inspiration. Barbara Walker's books are the knitters' stitch reference bible. Those are the best jumping-off points for all kinds of creativity.

    I would say mine is for why we knit and the power of what we can accomplish thereby, and for lace how-to's, not to mention a really cool type shawl, but then I would be sounding like an advertisement. I'll be quiet now.

  3. I have quite a few knitting books and I treasure all of them especially the Zimmermann ones. I don't regret purchasing them. My yarn stash is enough that it will keep me going for qutie awhile. A fellow friend knitter now gets books from me for special occasions (with my 40% off coupon) instead of yarn.

  4. granddaughter is adorable. absolutely gorgeous. what sparkle in those eyes!

    I prefer to buy patterns. books are primarly from gifts to me and I do like them in general.

    I love free patterns.

    thanks for entering my contest on irisheyes. I love Nonni blog: Mariella. Her color choices amaze me.

  5. I usually check knitting books out from the library - try before you buy - then shamelessly photocopy any patterns I like. But if there are more than a few patterns I like, I just buy the thing. Otherwise, I favor reference type books, ones I expect to use to help me over problems or to give me ideas or teach me something new.

  6. What an interesting topic you brought up. I love knitting books, and buy an average of 2 a month. I don't use them as much as I would like to, but I am happy to have them all.

  7. I have at present on ook "Knitting Rules" it was a gift, but as soon as I am able to I will book the entire EZ collection and the Yarn Harlot books as well along with many others. but for now I use free patterns.


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