Sunday, April 20, 2008


I was a good girl and did work on something other than Presto Chango yesterday. I finished the Dawn Brocco afterthought heel on the Art Socks. It's the best fitting heel I've ever done! I'm just trying to decide if I should do the toes in the same pink or use the Art School.....

And I made great progress on Presto Chango. The left sleeve and front is completely finished. I really like the way it looks, although I'm not to happy with the seam on the arm. Don't know if I'm unhappy enough to take it out and do it over or not yet.

Yesterday was a good knitting day...I finished listening to Freckles from LibriVox. It was just about as good as I remember from my childhood. Now my review of the LibriVox recording. It was mostly awful. A predominate reader never really learned to read out loud. It was almost as if she read to the end of the line and thought there was a period there, and then finished off the sentence as if it were it's own sentence.

"The thickness of the swamp made a dark, massive background below, while above towered gigantic trees." This is how it's supposed to read. This is how she read it: "The thickness of the swamp made a dark, massive background below. While above towered gigantic trees." The obvious pause between "below" and "while" broke up the continuity of the story and the previous lifetime elementary teacher I must have been kept wanting to stop the reader and make her re-read it properly. At times it was almost painful to listen to. It may put me off using LibriVox. Hopefully, I hit a bad recording and that's not the quality of all the readers.

Eldest Granddaughter had a great time at the County Fair. Can you tell?

Over on Mariella's blog she mentioned doing I-cord thumbs on a pair of Mittnz. I'd read about the technique (Meg Swanson) but not how it's done. A little research pulled up this blog entry. Here's the first installment on how to make a glove, fingers first.

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